A message for the Leaders of the European Union

Criminals must be Prosecuted and not Welcomed
Ali Mamlouk’s and Mohammad Dib Zaitoun’s Visit is a Disgrace

the European Union

A number of Italian newspapers and news websites have published in early July several news about a secret visit by the Italian chief of intelligence Alberto Manenti to Damascus at the end of last week where he held a secret meeting with the current president Bashar Al Assad. SNHR received allegation about the Italian authorities meeting with Major General Mohammad Dib Zaitoun and the German authorities meeting with Major General Ali Mamlouk.

Major General Ali Mamlouk is:
One of the founding officers of the Air Force Intelligence and its chief in 2003-2005. After the 10th Baath Party Regional Conference, which was held in the period 6-9 June 2005, he was appointed by president Bashar Al Assad as head of the General Security Directorate. Following the attack on the Central Crisis Management Cell in 2012, he was named as director of National Security Bureau of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party which is an office that supervises all security agencies and reports directly to the President of the Republic.
As head of the General Security Directorate, Ali Mamkouk directs the operations of the four security agencies: Air Force Intelligence Directorate, Military Intelligence Directorate, General Intelligence Directorate, and Political Security Directorate.

Major General Mohammad Dib Zaitoun is:
A close advisor to Bashar Al Assad. He is currently the director of the General Intelligence Directorate. He was a member of the negotiation team that negotiated opposition factions in the truce agreements in Homs governorate. He is also a member of the National Security Bureau.
Zaitoun was director of the Political Security Directorate until March 2011. Also, he was charged by the president of the Republic to direct the operations of the minister of interior on 29 March 2010.

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