30 Massacres Documented in October 2014


Executive Summary
SNHR documented 30 massacres perpetrated during the month of October, distributed as follows:
– The Syrian regime and its militias perpetrated 26 massacres.
– ISIS faction perpetrated one massacre.
– Armed opposition groups perpetrated one massacre.
– Two massacres perpetrated by unidentified groups.
– SNHR means by the word “massacre”: the incident which involved the killing of five unarmed people all at once.
Massacres are distributed on governorates as follows:
Damascus countryside: seven massacres
Idlib: seven massacres
Deraa: six massacres
Homs: six massacres
Aleppo: two massacres
Deir az-Zor: one massacre
Al-Haskah: one massacre
In those massacre, according to SNHR documenting team, 393 victims, including 162 children and 51 women were killed. Thus 4.2% of the victims are women and children, which is a very high percentage. This is a clear indicator that those massacres were committed against civilian residents.