Major violations of media freedom in Syria in December 2013

MediaFirst: Summary
Violations committed against media activists for this month distributed as follows:
1- Kill: 14 victims of media activists and journalists, Syrian regime killed 13 of them including one under torture, armed group killed an Iraqi journalist.
2- Detention and Abduction: Syrian Network for Human Rights documented 26 cases distributed as follows:
– Abduction: 19 media activist have been abducted this month by the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant , and 7 by unidentified armed groups.
Should be mentioned that 12 of them were released after of day of abduction ( 9 by the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant , and 3 by unidentified group ) While there are other 14 journalists, photographer and media activists still abduct ( 11 by the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant , and 4 by unidentified group
One of the media activist was released after been abducted last month
3- Injured: 4 media activist were injured: 3 by government forces and 1 by Islamic state of Iraq and Levant.
4- Shelling and destruction: 8 media centers have been stormed, and burn almost 1000 copies of We rush out for freedom newspaper.