Slaughtering and Executing families in Karm Al Zaytoon Neighborhood as a part of the sectarian cleansing massacre

Karm Al Zaytoon Neighborhood

Karm Al Zaytoon neighborhood witnessed several sectarian cleansing massacres through slaughtering and executing whole families including children, women, and men. The last incident was the slaughtering of Bahader’s family that consists of 14 persons, and now we recorded a new incident with the same systematic way of sectarian cleansing that is called “Mohammad” family.
The Security forces arrested the father of the family Mr. Mohammad Torky Al Mohammad was arrested in the beginning of popular uprising. Then, he was released before a month of the massacre date where he was killed with all his family members.
The family house is located near a military checkpoint which is one of more than 72 widespread checkpoints in Homs city which aimed, according to Syrian government claims, to protect civilian against terrorism. The military checkpoint didn’t protect Mohammad family, in contrast it shared the Shabiaha “militias” in killing who entered his house and slaughtered the family one by one. We also found a signs of shooting.

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