Fadel Abdul Ghany

Fadel Abdul Ghani


Founder and Head of the Syrian Network for Human Rights from June 2011 to date.

Master’s in International Law (LLM)/ De Montfort University/ Leicester, UK (March 2020).

Bachelorette in Civil Engineering /Projects Management / Damascus University.


– Over the past ten years, he advocated human rights through managing SNHR, via hundreds of investigations on human rights violations, as well as participating in the writing of hundreds of reports and investigations, and he spoke in many international events including speaking at the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council, as well as many events on the sidelines of the UNGA meetings, HRC, including high-level events attended by many foreign ministers, diplomats, and journalists.
– He gave many presentations to decision-makers in bilateral meetings with officials of many civilized countries in the world who are active in the Syrian file, through special visits to several foreign ministries and official offices such as: USA, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the White House.
– He worked as an independent consultant in human rights file to provide council to the Syrian Opposition’s convoy during several peace negotiations’ meetings in Geneva.
– He trained tens of the leaders of the political offices of the armed opposition on the rule of International Customary Law.
– He wrote many opinion articles, and participated in many reports, and researches with local, regional, and international organizations (other than his work with the organization he’s heading).
– He participated in hundreds of interventions (written, audio, video) with local and international media outlets.

* (The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) is a main source for many UN bodies including the High Commissioner for Human Rights, International Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, UNICEF, as well as organizations such as; OPCW, HRW, Amnesty International, and many more regional and international organizations. SNHR is also a main source for many countries in the world including USA, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, and others. Also, a trusted source for tens of local, Arab, and global media outlets).