SNHR Provides Online Training to Yemeni Human Rights Activists on Documenting Violations, Database-Building and Advocacy Processes


Paris – The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), in coordination and cooperation with the Yemeni SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, held a training session for a number of human rights activists working on the Yemeni issue, with the training delivered by Mr. Fadel Abdul Ghany, Director of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, via the Zoom platform on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
The training included a theoretical section followed by a brief review of examples from the SNHR’s experience spanning the ten years to date of the Syrian conflict. The conclusion was devoted to a number of questions, answers and addresses from the activists present.
Mr. Fadel Abdul Ghany started the training by talking about the SNHR’s strategy and objectives in the documentation process, then moved on to focus on the importance of continuing monitoring operations in volatile areas and locations where breaches or violations are expected to occur, building on these points the in fact-finding processes, and beginning the documentation process that includes gathering information and documents, and analyzing, cross-checking and archiving these.
Mr. Abdul Ghany emphasized the need to define the legal framework on which this process relies from the outset, explaining that this is done according to the prevalent conditions which the state is experiencing, whether in peacetime or during international or internal armed conflict, with each of these situations being subject to its own legal status, which shapes how an organization may approach the documentation of violations in accordance with all these laws together.

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