In Coordination with SNHR, Aid Worker Security Database Issues a Brief Report on the Targeting of Aid Workers in Syria by Vehicle-Borne IEDs


On December 7, 2020, the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) released a brief report, warning of a sharp increase in the targeting of aid workers in Syria in the latter months of 2020 by vehicle-borne IED attacks, with the AWSD recording the deaths of nearly 1,000 civilians in this period, including 10 aid workers.
The report confirmed that although the number of military attacks (air and ground bombardment) targeting aid workers has declined overall, the number of IED attacks had doubled in the two months after the Turkish-Russian ceasefire came into force on March 6.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) is a partner with the Aid Worker Security Database on Syria, with SNHR continuously providing the AWSD with data and information related to the targeting of aid workers and their facilities, under a partnership agreement signed between us; the Aid Worker Security Database is one of the most important international bodies providing humanitarian aid organizations and donor governments with guidance and consultation services based on an extensive data-sharing network and partnerships with local organizations across the world.

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