SNHR Contributes as a Pivotal Partner to Website Launched by the Global Public Policy Institute on Chemical Weapons in Syria


The Berlin-based and non-profit Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI) has launched a website providing information and an interactive map showing the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Work on the website, which aims to help with the collection and analysis of data regarding this issue, took several months to complete. The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) was engaged in this vital project from its earliest days, signing a partnership agreement with the GPPI which provides for sharing the SNHR’s data on the incidents documented involving the use of chemical weapons in Syria from their first use until the most recent attack in al Kbaina in Latakia on May 19, 2019, with SNHR being a central partner in this research work, which we believe plays a pivotal role in documenting and analyzing the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
The project also relied on a number of other sources, including both open and partner sources, providing clarification through an interactive map of Syria of the locations where chemical weapons were used and information on each of those incidents (currently 345), clearly demonstrating that the Syrian regime was responsible for 98% of all the chemical attacks in Syria, while the ISIS terrorist group was responsible for the remaining 2%, as well as noting that chlorine was used by 89% of all attacks, sarin by 7%, and 4% by other chemical agents.

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