A New Update to the World’s Most Comprehensive Database on the Syrian Conflict, Now Including the Data of the Syrian Network for Human Rights and Airwars for 2018


The Data Analysis Project on human rights violations in Syria, coordinated by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), has issued a new update for 2018, primarily focusing on newly added data which was shared by the Syrian Network for Human Rights with the Center in accordance with an agreement signed between the two parties, as well as the data from Airwars for 2018.
The international center, which specializes in analyzing data from conflicts worldwide, confirmed that the data which it has included from the Syrian Network for Human Rights on the Syrian conflict in 2018 led to the inclusion of more than 1,100 additional events to its database for 2018, with this information mostly covering events which were not previously documented in the Center’s database for the year. The Center added that these events illustrate in detail the violence perpetrated by a wide range of actors in the Syrian conflict, covering 13 areas across the territory of Syria. Finally, the Center said that this information received from the Syrian Network for Human Rights for 2018 has contributed to enhancing the coverage of more than 1,150 events in the overall data analysis project, which contributed significantly to increasing precision in the identification of the actors responsible for violations and reported fatalities.

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