Joint Letter to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court about its Juridical Mandate on War Crimes Committed in Syria

ICC Juridical mandate on war crimes committed in Syria

Subject: ICC Juridical mandate on war crimes committed in Syria.
To the Office of The Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court,
We, the undersigned Syrian NGOs and victim groups, express our full support to the Article 15 Communication submitted by the Guernica Centre for International Justice with regards to the jurisdiction of the ICC over the hideous crimes committed against the Syria civilian population.
For the last 8 years, Syrians have lost so much. They have been tortured and killed. They have been forcibly displaced. They have been targeted. All of that happened and continues to happen with absolute impunity to the perpetrators.
Ruling for the ICC jurisdiction mandate to include those crimes is a crucial step towards justice in Syria. The ICC has the mandate to investigate such crimes, and it needs to fulfil this mandate.
In an increasingly gloomy situation, this comes as a spark of hope.

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