A vision from Syrian civil society organizations about the General Principles of the Rebuilding process of Syria


In some political circles, discussions have already started about the rebuilding process of Syria as some began to study possible options for this process and how to strengthen their roles in it for when the time is right.
When examining these discussions, we clearly see how the rebuilding process is being linked to possible international arrangements, mainly between the United States and Russia and to a lower extent other international and regional parties, while they tend to focus less on the required conditions of justice and democracy.
In addition, such discussions seem to assume that through the so-planned rebuilding process, the whole of Syria would have equal opportunities and that consequently all Syrians would be treated fairly in this process, where in fact reality contradicts such an assumption.
As Syrians, and as a part of Syria, and since our existence and future as civil society are associated with democracy and seeking justice, we found ourselves directly concerned with the rebuilding subject, seeing it as the main determinant of the future of our country and our people defining whether there will be democracy at any time in Syria, or whether tyranny and injustice will be sponsored and rebuilt with a long-term impact on our country’s future.
We see a real danger in the use by the coalition of Russia, Iran, and the Assad’s authority of the international aid, presented as “gifts” coming from any of the three, to “compensate” pillars and followers of the regime who participated in killing Syrians and to bribe entire sectors of people surrounding them; trying thus to rebuild the authoritarian regime.
This coalition could also use the “Reconstruction Funds” as political rewards focusing them on those areas that it considers as “loyal” while bringing the majority that have rebelled back to silence and humiliating obedience.
If such scenarios happen – we can see these three parties actually preparing for them as indicated by their actions– then the “Reconstruction of Syria” would be a reward, not a punishment, by the international community to war criminals and a funding to rebuild the tyrant regime.
In order to ensure that the funding of the international community to rebuild Syria is allocated in respect of the principle of justice and democracy, it is vital to stick to conditions that guarantee such a course rather than the opposite direction that is being prepared by Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime. Therefore, the international community must link its gradual contribution for the rebuilding (including the gradual lifting of sanctions) with the respect of such conditions and standards.

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