SNHR and Euro-Med: The situation in East Ghouta requires a decisive resolution from the Security Council


Geneva- The massacres committed against unarmed civilians in the towns and villages of eastern Ghouta are horrific, says the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and the Syrian Network for Human Rights in a joint statement.
The airstrikes conducted violate the Security Council Resolution 2401 of 24 February this year calling for an immediate 30-day cessation of hostilities to facilitate humanitarian work and deliver necessary aid via all routes to the besieged and displaced civilians in the area.
In collaboration with the Russian forces, the Syrian army had committed dozens of massacres and extrajudicial killings since 24 February 2018 (the date of the resolution) until the evening of March 11, stated the two human rights organizations.
During the past 10 days, the Syrian forces have intensified the shelling and airstrikes on eastern Ghouta using incendiary weapons, chemical weapons, cluster munitions and at least 172 explosive barrels. These attacks are evidence to the significant rise in attacks when compared to pre-UNSC resolution, in a clear and explicit disregard to the Council and its resolutions.
At least 524 civilians have been killed, including 83 children, 55 women, 3 medical personnel and 5 civil defense personnel, according to the two organizations, while at least 20 massacres against civilians have been reported.
The attacks also affected the vital centers in eastern Ghouta, stated the two organizations, who recorded at least “nine attacks.”
About 1,000 people need medical evacuation, including about 700 people who need urgent treatment, according to Tarik Jasarevic, WHO spokesman. But the blockade has made it impossible to transfer casualties. According to Jasarevic, only 29 patients and wounded have been evacuated by the Syrian Red Crescent from Syria’s eastern Ghouta for treatment since last December.

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