Civilian Deaths Surge in Fight Against ISIS


[25 September 2017] Civilian casualties as a result of International Coalition aerial bombardment have more than doubled in the last year, bringing the total number of civilian deaths due to anti-ISIS strikes to 2,286. In a new report, the Syrian Network for Human Rights concludes that the US-led International Coalition is failing to take adequate measures to protect civilians in its fight against ISIS.
“While the Syrian people unequivocally want to see ISIS defeated, they cannot be the victims of war crimes in the process”, says SNHR Chairman Fadel Abdul Ghany. “Fighting terrorism is not an excuse to indiscriminately kill the civilians you purport to protect.”
September 23 marked the third anniversary of International Coalition intervention into the Syrian crisis. In addition to thousands of civilian casualties, the report shows that the coalition has been responsible for at least 157 attacks on civilian infrastructure such as hospitals, bakeries, and schools. Half of all casualties from International Coalition strikes were women and children.

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