No Less Than 5 Chemical Weapons Attacks Since Khan Sheikhoun

Chemical Weapons

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) has released a new report confirming that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons no less than five times since the notorious Khan Sheikhoun sarin attack in April, despite warnings from multiple world leaders that continued chemical weapons use by the Syrian government would constitute a red line.

The attacks were carried out in the Damascus suburbs and Eastern Ghouta. Chemical weapons attacks in Syria have resulted in the deaths of 1356 civilians, including 186 children and 224 women.
“After the Khan Sheikhoun attack, the US responded by targeting the regime’s Shayrat Airbase, and French President Macron caterotetrocally said that any further use of chemical weapons would be a red line. The Syrian regime has consistently and systematically used chemical weapons against civilians, but when the Khan Sheikhoun attack finally drew international outrage, many Syrians began to feel hopeful that Assad’s impunity was coming to an end”, says Fadel Abdul Ghany, Chairman of SNHR.

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