Western Leaders urged to turn words into action and Protect Civilians

Western Leaders

[6 July 2017] In light of the Syrian regime’s continued unlawful use of chlorine gas, Syrian activists and civil society organisations, including the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) urge Western leaders to protect civilians from all indiscriminate attacks. In particular there are growing calls from Syrians towards the French President Macron to fulfil his promise to meet additional chemical attacks against civilians with consequences.
“Just last week, the OPCW Fact Finding Mission confirmed the use of sarin gas in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April, which killed at least 87 people when sarin was dropped from regime aircraft” said Fadel Abdul Ghany, Executive Director of SNHR.
“Yet the regime’s response to the OPCW report is to intensify its attacks against civilians with only more chemical attacks. In Eastern Ghouta, a town currently bearing the brunt of the regime’s aerial onslaught, more than 30 people have been affected by chlorine gas in the past few days alone,” Mr. Abdul Ghany continues. “We have seen time and again that each time a red line is declared, Assad brazenly crosses it with no repercussions, yet it is the Syrian people alone who suffer from lack of action.

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