23 Breaches on the Second Day following Ankara Ceasefire Agreement

No less than 51 Breaches in 48 Hours since the Agreement Went into Effect

Ankara Ceasefire Agreement

SNHR has published the report: “23 Breaches on the Second Day following Ankara Ceasefire Agreement” which documents the breaches that were recorded in the first 48 hours following the commencement of Ankara Agreement.
The report draws upon the monitoring and documentation processes in addition to speaking to survivors, victims’ families, or with eyewitnesses to some of the incidents.

The report sheds light on every breach committed by the parties that are bound by the truce agreement (Government forces, Russian forces, and armed opposition factions) in areas under the control of armed opposition factions and areas under a joint control (armed opposition factions and Fateh Al Sham Front). The report doesn’t include any combat operations in ISIS-held areas.

The report monitors 51 breaches – 28 breaches on the first day while the remaining 23 breaches were on the second day. The breaches were divided into 42 breaches through combat operations and nine through arrests, and all of the breaches were committed by the Syrian regime forces. Most of the breaches occurred in Damascus suburbs governorate that saw 14 breaches followed by Homs governorate with 11 breaches, and then Daraa governorate with 10 breaches, Hama governorate with nine breaches, and lastly Idlib with 7 breaches.

The report stresses that all the breaches taking place on the first day were committed by the Syrian regime and its ally on the ground the Iranian regime, which the report considers to be the most affected by any political agreement that aim towards a comprehensive settlement. Furthermore, the report calls on the Russian regime, being a primary sponsor of the agreement, to apply pressure on the Syrian-Iranian regime in order to compel it seriously commit to the agreement’s provisions. Otherwise, the ceasefire will ultimately fail.

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