Joint Statement: Syrian Civil Society Demand Independent Monitors in Idlib

Monitors in Idlib

[21 December 2016] The UN must deploy independent monitors to Idlib to ensure the safety of the Syrian people and guarantee urgently needed medical and humanitarian assistance, Syrian civil society representatives announced today.

Commenting on UNSC resolution 2328 adopted on 19 December, which requires the monitoring of evacuations from Aleppo and the well-being of the civilians trapped in the city, Fadel Abdul Ghany, Chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, said: “we welcome the decision taken by the members of the UN Security Council to deploy independent monitors in Aleppo to protect civilians from further violence by the Assad regime and its allies – Russia and Iran. However, similar urgent actions must be taken to ensure the safety of the thousands of civilians arriving in Idlib from Aleppo. Most of the people who have been evacuated from Eastern Aleppo are in urgent need of medical and humanitarian assistance, including children who experienced months of starvation. These civilians cannot be abandoned by the international community as soon as they reach Idlib”.

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