No less than 208 Incidents of Attack on Vital Civil Facilities in November 2016

Including 181 Incidents at the Hands of the Russian-Syrian Regime

Vital Civil Facilities

I. Executive Summary
Through daily documentation and monitoring at SNHR, we recorded no less than 208 incidents of attack on vital civil facilities in November 2016 which are distributed by the influential party as follows:
A. Government forces (Army, security, local militias, Shiite foreign militias): 126
B. Russian forces: 55
C. Extremist Islamic groups
– ISIS: 2
D. Armed opposition factions: 10
E. Self-management forces (Primarily consisting of the Democratic Union Party – a branch for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party): 1
F. International coalition forces: 8
G. Unidentified groups: 6

Most notable facilities that were targeted in November 2016:
58 Infrastructures, 59 vital educational facilities, 31 places of worship, 38 vital medical facilities, 15 communal facilities, one vital cultural facility, one international humanitarian insignia, five refugee camps

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