Joint Statement: Human rights organizations call on Algeria to stand against civilian abuses by Syrian regime

Human rights organizations

Geneva – London – The Algerian government’s refusal to condemn the Syrian military’s aggression against civilians should be censured by the international community, says the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and the Syrian Network for Human Rights. Their joint statement was issued in the wake of Algeria’s refusal to endorse the UN Human Rights Council’s condemnation of the Syrian regime’s kidnapping and torture of civilians.

The Human Rights Council approved the resolution in its 33rd session December 27. Algeria is the only Arab country whose government did not endorse it.
“Algeria’s implicit tolerance for the Syrian regime’s war crimes exempts the forces of Bashar Al-Assad from accountability and punishment,” says Fadel Abdulghani, chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights. “This is not the first time the Algerian government has exhibited indifference to the suffering of the Syrian people and the human rights violations committed against them, including murder, torture and expulsion.”

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