The Monitor’s Report on the Use of Cluster Munition

Syria, the worst in the world for the fourth consecutive year

Cluster Munition

For the fourth consecutive year, the Syrian regime tops every other country as the world’s worst in the use of cluster munition. Even though, there has been uses of cluster munitions by different regimes against its opponents or other areas, the Syrian regime was the only regime to use it against the Syrian people and on the Syrian land. SNHR, through its archives that documents the use of cluster munition and the resultant victims and injured, contributed to the report in all the previous years.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, chairman of SNHR, says:
“Throughout five years, cluster munition has been exclusively used by the Syrian regime. However, after the Russian intervention in September 2015, the Russian forces used cluster munition to a vastly greater extent against the Syrian people. It used and tested new types of cluster munition on the Syrian lands which basically has become a practical testing ground. The Syrian and Russian forces are starkly violating the international humanitarian law, so we are stuck between who is bad and who is worse. The responsibly to eliminate the remnants of thousands of cluster munition and to compensate the victims falls upon the Russian regime.”

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