No Less than 200,000 Civilians Besieged in the City of Manbej in Aleppo Suburbs

94 Civilians have been Killed since the Beginning of the Military Campaign

City of Manbej

SNHR has published the report: “No Less than 200,000 Civilians Besieged in the City of Manbej in Aleppo Suburbs”
The report, which was published today, draws upon SNHR archive that have been built through ongoing daily monitoring throughout the period of time covered in the report. all statistics included are recorded with names, pictures, place and time of death and arrest, and other details in addition to survivors’ and eyewitnesses’ accounts.
The report sheds light on the violations of the international humanitarian law and the international human rights law that took place between 28 May 2016 and 25 June 2016 which resulted from the Syrian Democratic Forces’ attack on Manbej city, its siege of civilians, and the indiscriminate shelling that was carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces in addition to the violations perpetrated by the international coalition forces and ISIS during the same period of time.

The report recorded the killing of 94 civilians including 30 children and 11 women in Manbej city and its suburbs as follows:
ISIS killed 32 civilians including 11 children, five women, and one media activist while the international coalition forces killed 38 civilians including 16 children and six women whereas 24 civilians, including three children, were killed by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
The report notes a rise in the number of arbitrary arrests carried out by ISIS in Manbej city and the nearby villages. The number of cases mounted to 227 cases including eight children and three women.
Furthermore, the report highlights the siege imposed by the Syrian Democratic Forces since 10 June when it took over the villages of the city western suburbs. Consequently, the Syrian Democratic Forces prohibited any civilians from leaving or entering the city and banned the passage of food, medical supplies, and fuel which deepened the suffering of no less than 200,000 who are living under poor living conditions in the besieged city of Manbej. Their lives are at an increasing risk as the siege has been ongoing for more than 15 days.

According to the report, ISIS also contributes to the siege to a certain extent by banning people from leaving the city in some cases. However, even if ISIS permitted civilians to leave or if civilians were able to escape, the Syrian Democratic Forces, particularly snipers, will target the residents who want to fled the city. Also, Syrian Democratic Forces didn’t facilitate the passage of aids to the city.
The report affirms that all three forces have committed serious violations of human rights and war crimes that manifested in killing and targeting of civilians. Also, Indiscriminate and excessive aerial and mortar bombing by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international coalition killed a great number of civilians and created a state of panic among civilians. In addition to the crime of extrajudicial killing, the Syrian Democratic Forces primarily, and then ISIS, is besieging approximately 200,000 civilians.
The report included recommendations on the necessity to effectively insure the protection of civilians, distinguish between military and civilian targets, and abstain from conducting indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks. Moreover, The Syrian Democratic Forces must respect the civilians’ right in securing their basic needs including home, food, water, and health care and allow the passage of aids without any obstructions.
Additionally, the report calls on the Security Council to work on finding a solution that would insure security and peace in Syria in a manner that fulfills the Syrian people’s aspirations in freedom and democracy.
Finally, the report emphasizes that the Syria Support Group must aid the city of Manbej as soon as possible to save about 200,000 besieged civilians who are mostly children and women.

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