The Death of 51 Individuals under Torture, 46 amongst which were killed by Government Forces in May 2016

Death under Torture hadn’t stopped, despite the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement

Individuals under Torture

SNHR issued its periodic report on the outcome of Victims of Torture for the month of May 2016 documented the killing of at least 51 individuals, due to torture.
The report states that the Syrian regime has refused to recognize any arrests it had made as it accused Al-Qaeda and the terrorist groups such as ISIL of committing these crimes. SNHR acquire its information from former prisoners and prisoners’ families where most of the families get information about their beloved ones who are in prison by bribing the officials in charge. In many cases, the Syrian authorities don’t hand over the corps to the parents, and the parents are often afraid to go to receive the bodies of their relatives or even personal belongings of military hospitals; for fear of arrest.

The report mentions the difficulties of the documentation process facing SNHR team, due to the ban and pursuit of its members and in light of such circumstances that make it difficult to confirm the death with complete certainty, as the process remains mainly based on ongoing documentation and investigation
The report documented 46 deaths due to torture at the hands of government forces, and 4 cases by ISIL, and one case at the hands of Kurdish self-management forces.
Due to the report, Dara’a governorate had the highest number of victims who were tortured to death with 21 individuals. The death toll is distributed according to the governorate as follows: 10 in Deir Al Zour, 6 in Homs, 4 in Hama, 4 in Al Raqqa, 3 in Damascus suburbs 2 in Aleppo, and 1 in Idlib.

The report pointed out that among the cases of death; there are three university students, and one child, due to torture.
The report notes that this huge number of torture victims who are falling on a monthly basis, with taking into consideration that this number is the minimum we were able to get information about, indicates clearly that this is a systemized policy adopted by the head of the ruling regime and all its parties and branches. This policy was carried out in a widespread manner which is a crime against humanity and also a war crime.
Finally, the report called the Security Council for applying the decisions taken on Syria, and to hold an account all those who violate them.

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