Government Forces intentionally targeted the crowded markets

The bombing of Ma’art Al Nu’man and Kafr Nobul markets in Idlib is a Model

targeted the crowded markets

I- Introduction
The cities of Ma’art Al Nu’man and “Kafr Nobul” trace Ma’art Al Nu’man area, southern Idlib governorate. Ma’art Al Nu’man is under the joined control of armed opposition factions and Al Nusra Front, but according to the people, all the military headquarters are outside the city. While Kafr Nobul city is under the control of civilian local councils.

In this report we document the perpetration of the government forces of two massacres; one in Ma’art Al Nu’man City and the other in Kafr Nobul City where the team of SNHR communicated with a number of the inhabitants of the town, eyewitnesses who were rescued, and with activists of the local media. We offer in this report three testimonies in addition to photos and videos that we assure its credibility. We also explained to the witnesses the aim of the interviews, and received their consent to the use of the information provided in this report. We reserve the copies of all videos, pictures, mentioned in this report.

Investigations proved in the present report that the targeted areas were civilian areas where there is no military or weapons stores belonging to the armed opposition or extremist Islamic groups during the attack or even before.
The contents in the present report represent the minimum that we have managed to document regarding the size of the seriousness of the violation that happened, and does not include the talk about the social, economical, and psychological aspects.

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