Armed Opposition Factions’ attacks on Neighborhoods in Aleppo city

Armed Opposition Factions' attacks

I- Introduction:
SNHR issued “the red death” report on 1st of May which talked about bombardment of government and Russian forces on Aleppo city, in particular,with respect to the brutality attacks happened during the period from 20 April 2016 until 29 April 2016. The report did not review the violations of armed opposition factions as they were in the regions under the control of government forces and they need a lot of time and effort to verify the incidents and to approach witnesses.
We mentioned that we will issue a special report documenting the violations of some armed opposition factions in Aleppo city, during the same time.

SNHR team approached survivors from bombardment, victims’ relatives and many media activistes. We faced many challenges as the investigations on the regions that are under the control of the government forces and its allies are more difficult than the regions out of their control especially when it comes to verify information and footages by more than one survivor or eyewitness.
The incidents proved that the targeted regions were civilian regions and there were no military points or weapons stores belonged to government forces in these areas. Therefore the bombardment was considered as indiscriminate.

II- Executive summary:
This report covers the period from 20 April 2016 until 29 April 2016, during which we will discuss the most prominent massacres and attacks on vital facilities that were bombed by armed opposition factions.
A- Extrajudicial killing:
SNHR documented the killing of 65civilians including 21chilren and 11women, as we have recorded not less than 2massacres.
B- Attacks on civilian vital facilities
We have recorded not less than 8attacks on civilian vital facilities which are: 3mosques, 4schools and a church.

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