Death under Torture Is More than It was before the Ceasefire Agreement

The Killing of 29 Individuals under Torture, 26 amongst which were killed by Government Forces on April 2016

Death under Torture

SNHR issued its periodic report concerning the toll of victims under torture in April 2016, in which it documented the killing of 29individuals under torture.
The report indicates that the Syrian regime has refused to recognize any arrests it had made as it accused Al-Qaeda and the terrorist groups of committing those crimes. Also, the Syrian regime doesn’t recognize any torture cases or torturing to death. SNHR acquires information from former prisoners and prisoners’ families where most of the families get information about their beloved ones who are in prison by bribing the officials in charge. As it should be noted that there are many cases where the Syrian authorities don’t give the families the dead bodies. Also, many families abstain from going to the military hospitals to bring the dead bodies of their beloved ones or even their belongings out of fear that they might themselves get arrested.

The report mentions that SNHR faces serious difficulties in the documentation process because it is banned and pursued. In light of such circumstances, it is difficult to completely verify the number of victims as the process remains mainly based on ongoing documentation and investigation.
The report records 26cases of death under torture by government forces and one case of death under torture by each of ISIL, Al Nusra front, and armed opposition factions.
According to SNHR Damascus Suburb governorate had the highest number of victims who were tortured to death with 8individuals. Moreover, individuals were killed under torture in April in various areas classified as follows: 6in Daraa, 5in Deir Al Zour, 1in Homs, 2in Damascus, 3in Idlib, 1in Aleppo, and 3in Hama.
The report indicates that the most significant death under torture cases in April 2016 are: An athlete, a medical cadre, and an elderly.
The report emphasizes that the huge number of torture victims who are falling on a monthly basis, with taking into consideration that the number is the minimum they were able to get information about, indicates clearly that it is a systemized policy adopted by the head of the ruling regime and all its parties and branches. That policy was carried out in a widespread manner which is a crime against humanity and also a war crime.
Finally the report demands Security Council to apply its resolutions in Syria and hold all perpetrators in accountable.

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