Regarding the 2015 Report that Was Issued by Human Rights Office in the US Department of State: SNHR says “We must exert every effort to stop the recurrence of 2016 violations”

the US Department

The Office of Human Rights and Democracy in the U.S. State Department released the annual report covering the human rights violations in various countries of the world with regard to the Syrian Arab Republic and issued a report of 55 pages that depend on the reports and statements of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Independent Investigation Commission on the network, the Syrian Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other sources.

Commenting on the report, the director of SNHR, Fadel Abdul Ghani stated:
“A quick comparison between the report of Syria and the rest of the countries makes us realize the bulk of the disasters that befell the Syrian people, who did not commit any violation except the demanding of the right to have a Syrian Government that is not owned by the same tyrannical family especially in the political decisions and the looting the wealth of the country. The ruling regime received these demands in the strongest kinds of wanton violence, and all what were behind this is the consequences of refusing to launch the public demands and a comprehensive war took place on the Syrian society. We request that the US government and the international community, not to observe the same violations being repeated in 2016. Ignoring the Syrian issue since 2011 has increased the complexity and ignoring it the same way in 2016 will also increase its complexity even more. Civilians must be protected and the bloodshed must be stopped in order to provide the country with peace and security.”

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