26 June un international day in support of victims of torture

victims of torture

On 26 June each year, people and organisations committed to supporting torture victims to rebuild their lives observe the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This is the prime occasion to commemorate the plight of victims of torture. Rehabilitation centres spend the day creating spaces for victims to share their stories and experiences with then world, advocating for victims’ rights and showcasing their achievements
for the year.

26 June 2015 coincided with the beginning of a new strategic period for the IRCT, where the effective implementation of the right of torture victims to rehabilitation is the unique focus and objective for the organisation. This is in recognition that rehabilitation is a right in urgent need of realisation and that achieving it will make a significant contribution to the empowerment of torture victims everywhere. Collective action is part of the DNA of the rehabilitation movement and this year’s commemoration under the theme, “Right to
Rehabilitation Now” was a strong affirmation of this principle.

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