Despite the Cessation of Hostilities agreement, 60 civilian vital facilities were attacked in March 2016

48 amongst which were committed by governmental forces

60 vital facilities

I- Executive summary:
The pace of the bombardment by warplanes (Government and Russian), in parallel with the pace of the bombardment of vital centers has decreased since the start of the application of the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities.
This positive progress must be supported. However, SNHR emphasizes that the violations did not stop, and that the Syrian regime is considered the biggest violator of various types of violations on the bombing, killing, and detention, etc. The main objective of documenting all reports is to know the perpetrators accurately, and deterring their recurrence.

“Fadel Abdul Ghani”, the director of SNHR stated:
“Without the mechanism of clear accountability for the perpetrators of the violations of the cessation of hostilities, the Agreement on termination of Hostilities is threatened with collapse, there should be one hand bear the responsibility for these consequences on regular bases.”

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