The Most Notable Violations of Cessation of Hostilities: Shelling and Massacres in “Deir Assafeir” town at the hands of government forces

Conducting an investigation is a must and perpetrators must be held accountable

Deir Assafeir

I- Introduction
SNHR observed the violations of the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities and issued daily detailed reports until the date of 14 March 2016. We also issued a detailed report on the violations that were committed during the first round of negotiations, from 15th until 25th of March, where the violations of the governmental forces until that date reached 804 breaches between military operations and arrests, in addition to impeding access to humanitarian aid..

The SNHR team noticed that the various Syrian governorates witnessed a noticeable retreat in military operations and in particular the areas under the control of the armed opposition, which witnessed the return of children to schools, the increase of private business, restoration of its infrastructures, and the high turnout on hospitals and markets, as an active work of local administrations in various aspects of life, which may lead, if continued, to the beginning of new integrated social life.
The Syrian regime is considered as the most affected of the continuation of the cessation of hostilities, because such kind of livelihood systems depends on chaos and terrorism, similar to extremist organizations. The ruling Syrian regime is constantly committing dozens of breaches that would its accomplish its aspirations. In this regard, the governmental forces launched sequential attacks on civilian sites in the town of “Deir Assafeir” on 31 March 2016, which led to the occurrence of the massacres and the destruction of vital centers inside the town

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