Not less than 97 Attacks on Vital Facilities in February 2016

55 amongst which were committed by Russian forces

Vital Facilities in February

SNHR published its periodic report concerning the documentation of attacks on vital facilities by the conflict parties in Syria.
The report documented the toll of attacks on vital facilities in February where it recorded not less than 97Attacks on vital facilities which is distributed according to the influential parties as follows: 31attacks by the government forces, 55attacks by Russian forces, one attack by each of ISIL and Kurdish self-management, two attacks at the hand of international coalition forces, and one attack by unidentified groups.

The report detailed the targeted vital facilities in February as follows: 31attacks on medical facilities, 20attacks on places of worship, 18attacks on infrastructure, 17attacks on educational facilities, 5attacks on communal facilities, 3attacks on cultural facilities, two attacks on refugee camps, and one attack on International Humanitarian Insignia.
The report indicated that its documentation was the minimum due to the many practical obstacles they run across during their work.

The report affirmed that through SNHR investigations, there were no military points or presence in those places before or during the attacks. The Syrian regime, and the crimes perpetrators, should justify their brutal attacks before the United Nations and the Security Council.
According to report that the Humanitarian International Law considered the purposed, indiscriminate, or disproportionate attacks as an illegal attacks. Thus, Russian and Syrian government forces’ attack of schools, hospitals, churches, and bakeries is an utter disregard for the minimum standards of international law and the UN Security Council Resolutions.

The report mentioned that some of the extremist groups, other armed groups, the Russian forces and international coalition forces targeted a number of those facilities. The indiscriminate bombardment is a violation of the intentional humanitarian law and can be classified as war crimes.
The report demanded the Security Council to bind all the influential parties to respect Resolution 2139 by, at least, condemning the targeting of vital facilities that civilians need every day and to enforce a comprehensive arms embargo on the Syrian regime considering its horrible violations of the international laws and the Security Council resolutions.
Finally, it recommended the states who support the armed opposition to stop supporting any factions that don’t respect the international humanitarian law.

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