The Killing of 32 Individuals under Torture in February 2016

31 individuals were killed by Government Forces

Individuals under Torture

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) has issued its monthly report for February 2016, documenting the deaths of 32 individuals under torture.
Difficulty of reporting death under torture incidents
In the report, SNHR highlights the great difficulty of documenting the combat deaths of members of armed opposition factions: (a) Syrian authorities don’t admit perpetrating the arrests but rather accuse Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups such as ISIS; (b) Syrian authorities don’t admit the torture or the deaths under torture incidents; (c) all information collected by SN4HR comes from former detainees or families of detainees who get their information by bribing government officials.
Syrian authorities, in most occasions, don’t release the body of the victims to their families, in many occasions as well families fear claiming their relatives’ bodies or belongings out of fear of arrest.
The report mentions the difficulties facing SNHR team in the documentation process, in light of these conditions it’s difficult to confirm the deaths, and the whole process remains under continuous documentation and investigation.
Deaths under torture amongst government forces
The report recorded 31 incidents of death under torture by government forces
Civilian deaths at the hands of extremist Islamic groups
The report recorded one incident of death under torture by Al-Nussra Front
Toll of victims of death under torture distributed on the governorates
Idlib 7 victims
Damascus suburbs 7 victims
Hama 4 victims
Aleppo 4 victims
Homs 3 victims
Lattakia 1 victim
Damascus 1 victim

Amongst the victims of death under torture there is an engineer, 2 media activists, and 3 women
The report affirms that this high number of victims of death under torture that falls monthly, which is the lowest amount that is documented, is undeniable evidence of the policy that comes from the head of the ruling regime, and all of the regime staff are completely aware of it, and as it has been perpetrated widely it’s considered crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Lastly, the report asks the UN Security Council to apply the resolutions adopted by the council on Syria and hold all who violates it accountable
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