Not Less than 96 Offensive Attacks on Vital Facilities in January 2016

44 amongst which were committed by Russian Forces

Vital Facilities in January

I- Executive Summary:
During January 2016, SNHR recorded not less than 96 offensive attacks on civil vital facilities, detailed as follows according to the main conflict parties in Syria:
A- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias, and foreign militias) targeted 34 facilities.
B- Russian Forces targeted 44 facilities
C- Extremist Islamic Groups :
i- ISIL targeted 2 facilities
ii- Al Nusra Front targeted 1 facility
D- Armed Opposition Groups targeted 4 facilities
E- International Coalition Forces targeted 2 facilities
F- Unidentified Groups targeted 9 facilities

The most attacked vital facilities in January 2016:
25 infrastructure buildings, 21 educational facilities, 18 places of worship, 16 medical facilities, 9 communal facilities, 3 cultural facilities, 3 International Humanitarian Insignia and 1 refugee camp.

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