Russian Forces Breach UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and Kills Idlib Residents

The Death of 42 civilians, including a child and two women at the hands of Russian Forces in Idlib

Russian Forces

I- Introduction:
Since 28 March 2015, Idlib has been under the control of Al Fateh Army (a joined force between armed opposition and Al Nusra Front). On 24 September 2015, a truce was conducted by Ahrar Al Sham, one of the armed opposition groups in the Al Fateh Army and the Syrian regime. It included the cease of all military operations and aerial shelling on the Idlib city and some of its towns in exchange for letting food enter the Al Fou’aa and Kefraya towns, which are supporters to the Syrian regime. However, that government shelling, which led to the displacement of thousands of its residents, did not stop.

Nonetheless, we documented an alleged Russian shelling on regions that were subjected to the truce terms twice since the beginning of the Russian airstrike on 30 September 2015. The first breach in the truce’s terms was on 28 September 2015 on Binnish city, which was documented in “They Came to Kill Us” report.
SNHR issued a previous report that documented the crimes and massacres that were committed by government forces after they withdrew from the city.

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