SNHR Meets a Group of Arab and Foreign Ambassadors’ Missions of the UN Security Council

Foreign Ambassadors

In the context of strengthening the advocacy process of the Syrian cause and to shed more light on the continuous suffering of the Syrian people since the beginning of the uprising in 2011, the Syrian Network for Human Rights represented by its chairman, Mr. Fadel Abdul Gahni, attended several meetings with a number of the ambassadors’ missions of USA, Russia, KSA and Qatar in the permanent headquarters for each mission in the UN Security Council in New York.
The meetings focused on the current situation in Syria and the violations that were committed against Syrian citizens from various conflict parties, particularly the Syrian regime and the relentlessness atrocities it has been committing 2011, especially the barrel bomb shelling.
The SNHR raised its concerns about the widespread violations committed by the PYD Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the International Coalition shelling against ISIL and how it kills and targets civilians.
Also, the topic of the Russian military intervention was discussed especially targeting of civilians, vital facilities and the widespread displacement it causes.

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