Basel Khartabeil Enforced to Disappear since 2012

Basel Khartabeil

SNHR briefed the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary disappearances, of the case of Eng. Basel Khartabeil, Palestinian Syrian reside in Damascus, age 348 at the time, and asked to request of the Syrian authorities to release him, as he was arrested arbitrarily from in front of Al Awas Publishing Company in Mazza in Damascus by military security forces of the Syrian Authorities in March, 2012, without showing a warrant entitles them to arrest him, the military security members were wearing civilian and military outfits.

After his arrest he was was forces to disappear for the first time as we found out he spent 8 months in solitary cell in Military Security Branch in Damascus he was later transferred to Adra Prison in November 2012, then he was sent to State Security Field Court of the government forces in Al Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus city, he was sent to Saydnaya Military Prison in the end of December 2012, he was transferred from Adra Prison to unknown destination in October 3, 2013, his family had no news on his whereabouts after that, and until the date of informing the United Nation Rapporteur on date his fate is yet unknown.
Syrian authorities deny enforcing Eng. Basel Khartabeil to disappear, SNHR were unable to determine his fate until now, as is his family, and they are afraid of detention and torture in the event of repeating questions about him, as happened with many similar cases.

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