They Died While They Were Playing

Syrian Regime Forces Killed Children of Al Wa’er Neighborhood in Homs on the Third Day of Adha Eid

They Died

Al Wa’er neighborhood, which’s area is about 3 Km2, is located in the west of Homs city and it is under the control of armed opposition groups. The neighborhood is inhabited by almost 12 thousand families; most of them are displaced from southern Homs and old Homs neighborhoods.

Government forces (army, security forces, local militias and foreign Shiite militias) have imposed a siege on the neighborhood since 10 October 2013. Government forces’ checkpoints prohibit the entrance of any medication substances, food and fuel, except in rare situations under pressure and blackmail.
Al Wa’er neighborhood is surrounded several military points and centers: the Military Academy, the Military Hospital, the military forces that are stationed in the orchards of the neighborhood, and the Shiite armed militias who are centered in Al Mazraa’ and Al Zarzoureyi towns.

In this report, we document the killing of children in a park in Al Wa’er neighborhood by government forces on the third day of Adha Eid. SNHR communicated with several activists and residents and conducted several interviews. We explained the goal of the interviews to the witnesses and were granted their consent to use the information they provide in this report. We verified the photos and videos we had received, and we kept copies of all the video clips and images used in this report.

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