The Death of 13 Medical Personnel in September 2015

11 amongst which were killed by government forces

Death of 13 Medical Personnel

I- Executive Summary:
SNHR’s high standards for documentation are based on collecting direct testimonies from survivors or victims’ families in addition to analyzing and verifying photos, video footages, and some medical records. However, we can’t claim that we’ve documented all the incidents in light of the ban and pursuit by the Syrian regime and other armed groups.

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– The consistent bombing and targeting of medical facilities and medical teams since 2011 by the different conflict parties indicates a systematic policy that only aims to kill more victims and deepens the suffering of the injured civilians and rebels.

SNHR documented the death of 13 medical personnel in September 2015, incidents are detailed as follow:
A- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias, and foreign Shiite militias) killed 11 medical personnel, detailed as follows:
1- Five nurses including a female nurse
2- Two paramedics
3- A Red Crescent volunteer who died under torture
4- Three medical cadres
B- Armed Opposition Groups: killed two medical cadres, detailed as follows:
1- One doctor
2- One medical cadre

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