Doctor Mohammad Bashir Arab Enforced to Disappear since 2013

Mohammad Bashir Arab

SNHR briefed the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary disappearances, of the case of doctor Mohammad Bashir Arab from Al Hamadaniyeh in Aleppo, age 31 at the time, and asked to request of the Syrian authorities to release him, as he was arrested arbitrarily from his friends’ house in Al Sheikh Khuder neighborhood in Aleppo by Air force Intelligence of the Syrian Authorities in November 1, 2011, without showing a warrant entitles them to arrest him, Dr. Mohammad broke his arm and leg while trying to escape the arrest .

Dr. Mohammad Arab was seen after his arrest by Air force Intelligence in Aleppo from the period from November 2011 until January 2012, he was later transported to Aviation Command prison in Damascus and stayed there from January 2012 to July 2012, while he was there Dr. Arab declared a food strike asking to be put in front of a court and asked for the chance to communicate with his family, and continue his Master degree, he spent most of his time in the individual cell in the Aviation Command Prison, and he was tortured severely and transported to Al Mujtahed Hospital for treatment, Dr. Mohammad was later seen in December 2013 in Saydnaya Military Prison, and Dr. Mohammad family informed SNHR that they received the information from released detainees.

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