12 media personnel killed, 2 kidnapped and 8 Injured in August 2015

12 media personnel

I- Executive Summary:
The most significant violations committed against media personnel in August 2015 are detailed as follows:
A- Killings:
SNHR documented the killing of 12 media personnel, detailed as follows:
i- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias, foreign Shiite militias) killed 8 media personnel, including one activist who died under torture in government detention centers.
ii- Extremist Islamic Groups:
– ISIL killed 3 media personnel
iii- Armed Opposition Groups killed one media personnel.

B- Arrests or Kidnapping:
SNHR recorded two kidnapping cases and the release of one media personnel who was arrested by government forces.
The kidnapping cases are detailed as follows:
i- PYD Kurd self-management forces kidnapped one media personnel
ii- Armed Opposition Groups kidnapped one media personnel

C- Injuries:
SNHR recorded 8 injuries concerning media personnel, detailed as follows:
i- Government forces injured 5 media personnel
ii- PYD Kurd self-management forces injured 1 media personnel
iii- Extremist Islamic Groups:
– ISIL injured one media personnel
iv- Armed Opposition Groups injured one media personnel

D- Violations against Properties:
SNHR documented 6 violations against media personnel’s properties, detailed as follows:
i- PYD forces: 2 cases
ii- Extremist Islamic Groups:
– An-Nusra Front: 3 cases were documented in partnership with armed opposition groups
iii- Armed Opposition Groups: 4 cases were recorded, including 3 cases in partnership with An-Nusra front.

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