Syrian Children … The Drowned Dream

Syrian Children’s Death Toll during 2015

Syrian Children

SNHR documented the killing of 2236 children by the main conflict parties in Syria since 1 January 2015 and up till 31 August 2015.
Their death toll is detailed as follows:
– The Syrian government killed 1804 children. It is responsible for killing 82% of children among their total death toll.
– Extremist Islamic Groups, detailed as follows:
i- ISIL killed 104
ii- An-Nusra Front killed 11
– Armed Opposition Forces killed 175
– International Coalition Forces killed 58
– PYD Kurd self management forces killed 21 children
– Unidentified Groups killed 63 children

SNHR issued a number of reports and studies about different kinds of violations committed by different conflict parties against Syrians. Undoubtedly, the children and refugees crises are by far the worst kind of suffering. The Syrian government is the main responsible party for these violations since it tried to brutally suppress the uprising. Nonetheless, the International community failed to protect Syrian citizens and their children from the government’s oppression. Logically, the refugee’s crisis cannot be solved without resolving the Syrian crisis; therefore, any more delay will automatically affect Syrian children. The crisis in Syria is purely humanitarian, even if it is being made to look as a geo-political crisis.
SNHR appeals to the international community to fulfill their duties and implement the belated UNSC resolutions, which is the bare minimum of what can be done to ease and resolve the crisis. Syrian children in Eastern Ghouta, Daraya, Damascus suburbs and Al Waer Neighborhood in Homs are still suffering even though UNSC resolutions 2139 and 2165 were issued and which stated that humanitarian assistance has to be delivered to these regions. Children are still dying because of hunger, cold weather, bullets and rockets.

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