The Tabbakh brothers Enforced to Disappear since 2013

The Tabbakh brothers

SNHR briefed the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary disappearances, of the case of the brothers Basel Ahmad Al Tabbakh then age 28 a student at the Faculty of Art in Damascus and Zaher Ahmad Tabbakh then age 25 who works as a Mixage technician in a production company, and asked to request of the Syrian authorities to release them, where they was arrested arbitrarily from their house by local committees of the government forces in Jaramana on March 12, 2013, without showing a warrant entitles them to arrest him.

The two brothers’ family couldn’t know where they are or what their fate is even though they’ve asked the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Conciliation of the Syrian authorities that denied arresting them
Since the date of their disappearance their family had no news on where they are, up till the date of informing the United Nation Rapporteur on August 12, 2015 their fate is yet unknown.

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