Not Less than 58 Massacres Committed in July 2015

39% of the Victims were Women and Children

58 Massacres Committed

I- Executive Summary
SNHR documented no less than 58 massacres committed in July 2015, detailed as follows:
A- Government Forces (including army, security forces, local militias, and foreign Shitte militias) committed 52 massacres.
B- Extremists Islam Groups:
i- ISIL committed three massacres
C- Armed Opposition Groups committed one massacres
D- International Coalition Forces committed two massacres
SNHR describes an incident as a massacre if it involves: “the killing of five unarmed people at least”, for more information on our methodology, please visit the following URL

The regional distribution of the massacres that were perpetrated in July 2015 is as follows:
Aleppo: 26 massacres
Idlib: 11 massacres
Homs: 2 massacres
Hama: 3 massacres
Damascus Suburbs: 5 massacres
Daraa: 7 massacres
Deir Al Zour: 2 massacres
Al Raqqa: 2 massacres
According to SNHR documenting team, 524 victims were killed in these massacres, amongst 133 children and 70 women. 39 % of these victims were women and children, which is a notably high rate that indicates that civilians were targeted deliberately in most of these massacres.

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