Sexual Abuse: “A Scar of a Lifetime”
Rape in Syrian Security Branches: Seven Rapped Women in Hama Security Branch

Sexual Abuse

I- Introduction:
SNHR documented the rape of seven women in Hama State Security Branch. In previous reports we discussed different violations committed against Syrian women during the past five years, however, in this report we focus on rape crimes solely, where our documented victims were raped repeatedly on a daily basis. These cases are only a few of many documented cases that reveal the scope of sexual violence being committed against Syrians in all security branches and in different governorates.

The seven rape victims were arrested without a warrant. Arbitrary arrests have become a systemized policy for government forces. Therefore, it is worth noting that security forces have formed a habit since 2011 in arresting individuals without a warrant or a court verdict in order to disclaim any responsibility towards any acts of violence or sexual abuse. On the contrary, security or government forces who commit these violations are granted immunities from the government itself.
SNHR documented the arrest of not less than 117 thousand persons, including 7080 women since the beginning of uprising in March 2011.

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