The Humanitarian and Medical Consequences of “Storm of the South” Battle

Storm of the South

I- Executive Summary:
On 25 June 2015, armed opposition factions of the southern front announced the beginning of a battle called “Storm of the South” to gain authority over the regions that are still under government control in Daraa, southern of Syria.

The city’s main facilities are: state institutions and services, security branches and government forces (army, local and foreign militias). The national hospital, a security branch, a political security branch, the Baath Party building, the 132nd brigade, and the Bassel Sports City are all located in Daraa Al Mahata city; which is considered as a military center for government forces to manage its operations against Daraa governorate.

The battle intensified between the two parties; government forces and armed opposition groups, during the first two days and then halted later.
Government forces intensified the aerial and artillery shelling on different regions in the city that is under the rebels’ control. Most of these regions are: Daraa Al Balad neighborhood, Tareeq Al Sad neighborhood, Al Minshiyi neighborhood and some nearby towns like Othman town, Al Nae’imiyi town and Naseeb border town.

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