9 Media Activists Killed, 5 kidnapped, and 13 Injured in June 2015

9 Media Activists

I: Executive Summary:
Violations against media activists in the month of June 2015 are documented as follows:
A- Killing: SNHR documented the death of 9 media activists, detailed as follows:
i- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias, foreign Shitte militias) killed 5 media activists, amongst one media activist died under torture.
Ii-Extremist Groups:
-Daesh (known as ISIS) killed 4 media activists
B- Arresting and Kidnapping We recorded 5 kidnapping cases, detailed as follows:
i- Government Forces: kidnapped one media activist
ii- Armed Opposition Groups: kidnapped 3 media activists
iii- Unidentified Groups: Kidnapped one media activist

C- Injuries: We recorded 13 injuries, detailed as follows:
i- Government Forces: injured 11 media activists
ii- Armed Opposition Groups: injured 2 media activists

D- Violations against Properties: We recorded 3 cases, detailed as follows:
i- Government Forces: one case was recorded
ii- PYD: one case was recorded
iii- Armed Opposition Groups: one case was recorded

II- Introduction:
Since the beginning of the uprising in March 2011, the Syrian media arena has been losing its prominent media activists each month, who risk their lives to document crimes being committed against Syrian citizens. They were killed, arrested, kidnapped, harassed, seriously injured, suffered from permanent injuries, or forced to disappear midst international silence that ignored their suffering, basic rights to be protected and safe and without holding the perpetrators accountable for their violations against them.

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