No Less than 45 Massacres Perpetrated in May 2015

45 Massacres

Executive Summary:
SNHR documented, during the month of May 2015, 45 massacres at least as follows:
A. Government forces: 38 massacres
B. Daesh: three massacres
C. Armed opposition factions: three massacres
D. International Coalition forces: one massacre

The regional distribution of the massacres that were perpetrated in May 2015 is as follows:
Aleppo: 18 massacres
Der Ezzor: eight massacres
Idlib: eight massacres
Damascus suburbs: three massacres
Homs: two massacres
Hama: two massacres
Daraa: two massacres
Al-Hassaka: two massacres

According to SNHR documenting team, no less than 60 victims were killed in those massacres including 154 children and 90 women. 37% of the victims were children and women which is a notably high percentage that indicates that civilians were targeted deliberately in most of these massacres.
The death toll of these massacres based on its perpetrators
Government forces: 498 victims including 118 children and 90 women
Daesh: 21 victims
Armed opposition factions: 18 civilians including five children and one woman
International coalition forces: 64 civilians including 31 children and 19 women.

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