Fleeing Death to Face another

Most notable incidents of drowning deaths

drowning deaths

First: A Neglected Crisis
With the growing numbers of Syrian refugees, the number of Syrian refugees, by the end of 2014, has amounted to 5.8 million refugees which exceeds the number of Palestinian refugees. Those refugees left Syria to flee the bombing and destruction in light of the death of the household maintainer. 90% of the Syrian refugees are from rebel-held areas as the lack of international protection will certainly force more people to be displaced. The international community seems to believe that the Syrian crisis is trivial as long as it can be contained and enclosed in Syria and the nearby countries.

Despite the many drowning incidents and its extremely high costs, many people are still trying to immigrate illegally which reflects the hopelessness and despair of many people in Syria. The questions remains: is the international community to empty Syria of its citizens by prolonging the Syrian crisis.

Second: After Reaching the Destination
Even if refugees succeeded in arriving in the neighboring countries, there are new and various difficulties that they have to face such as:
Education: As an average, about 25% of the 1.3 million children refugees haven’t been subjected to any form of education. The percentage varies from one country to another where the issue is at its worst in Lebanon as no less than 40% of the children refugees are not registered in schools. We are facing an educational catastrophe whose impact will manifest for generations to come.

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