A New Wave of Destruction and Random Shelling in Aleppo

Destruction and Random Shelling

Since the beginning of May 2015, SNHR noticed that government’s forces attacks escalated on Aleppo neighborhoods that are controlled by the armed opposition.
SNHR recorded in a period of 15 days, the dropping of 81 bombs by government’s aviation as government warplanes fired more than 92 missiles, whilst the government forces fired 20 short range Surface to Surface Missile ‘SSMs’ mostly targeting residential neighborhoods, and never targeted facilities or gunmen, with the clear evidence the 98% civilians victims ratio half of them are women and children, neither the photos, videos, nor testimonies of the residents proved the existence of military facilities or vehicles in the targeted areas, in addition to the targeting by barrel bombs dropped from 5,000 meters high, falling according to physics’ free fall law and manipulated by the air.

The random shelling caused the death of 127 victims recorded by name, image, date, place and time of death, including 24 children and 12 women since May 1, 2015 to May 16, 2015.
The latest attacks targeted multiple vital facilities such as Shabibet Al Ba’ath School in Al Qaterji neighborhood, Primary School of Khalsa Town in Khalsa, Forensic Medicine Center in Al Sukari neighborhood, Othman Mosque in Baidin neighborhood, the ER System in Jub l Quba, and the Health Center in Al Saleheen neighborhood.

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