The Death of 108 victims under torture in April 2015

under torture in April

1. Report Methodology:
Since 2011 and up till now the Syrian regime doesn’t recognize any detention operations, but accuses al-Qaeda and terrorist groups such as ISIS, as he does not recognize cases of torture and death under torture, as SNHR get information either from former detainees or parents, and most of parents gain access to information about their detained relatives by paying a bribe to government officials.
We, in SNHR point out the parents story that we receive, and always remind that the Syrian authorities do not in many of those cases, return the bodies to the parents, while the parents are often afraid of going to receive the bodies of their relatives from the military hospitals, or even personal belongings; for fear of arrest.
As most of the victims’ families who communicate with us assure that their relatives were in good health when arrested, and illness wasn’t the cause of death.

Fadel Abdul Ghany head of SNHR says:
“The principle of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ must be applied after the State failed to protect its people, and after all the peaceful diplomatic efforts up till this moment have failed, and all the crimes against humanity and war crimes are committed daily in Syria, and mainly by the State itself”
Based on all that, SNHR faces real difficulties in the documentation process because of the ban and tracking any of its members, and in these circumstances it is difficult to confirm the death with certainty, and the entire process is subject to the processes of documentation and continued verification, as such cases remain open, with taking into account the testimony of the family, but the above must be noted.

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