In the Memory of the Syria’s Fallen Victims

In Memory of Syria Victims

On the fourth anniversary of the peaceful protests in Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, cooperated its efforts and coordinated with the Syrian-American Council.
SNHR provided its colleagues with names of the children who were killed, victims who died due to shelling with barrel bombs and the names of all victims who were killed by all conflict parties in 2014; and the Syrian-American Council recited all the victims’ names for four days. Also, SNHR provided the Syrian-American Council with a painting that included the pictures of fifty thousand martyrs, which was designed by Tamer Turkmane, an SNHR member. The 170 meters painting was displayed in front of the White House.
In order to commemorate the fallen victims’ of Syria, SNHR is preparing for a project that is expected to be completed at the end of this year; where 200 thousand identity cards will be issued for fallen Syrian victims.

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